Engaging minds, memories,
and movements
through music

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Upcoming SENIOR Sing A-long Performances

We encourage loved ones to visit residents during our performances. If you’re simply curious about our performances, please Contact Us and we’ll find an appropriate performance.

Since 2004

“Where Words Fail,
Music Speaks”

Music and Memories

Hans Christian Anderson said it well in his famous quote. Music does indeed have the power to unite, move, reveal, inspire and heal. It can reach people when nothing else can. Senior Sing A-long was founded to share the benefits of music with the aging. Believing that every person—regardless of health, age or financial constraint—deserves the best quality of life, Senior Sing A-long offers meaningful opportunities for seniors to experience satisfaction and happiness in every stage of life.


Revitalizing the minds and spirits of people in long-term care communities through music and live arts.


Lives Touched


Experience the Magic of Music

Jackie, Emerald Meadows
“Thank you for everything your program does for our residents and others. Your program keeps them upbeat and happy all day long. ”

On behalf of the the residents of the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, we would like to thank Martin Zyla very much for coming to the Home on September 20th to host a Senior Sing A-long. Everyone involved enjoyed it very much!

It’s this kind of activity that makes life more pleasurable for our residents.”

Lorraine, Activity Director, Byron Center Manor
“Please accept our many “thank you’s” for the music shared with us here at Byron Center Manor due to the funds provided for us to enjoy Dan Anderson & Steve Fisk. We had a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your help.”