Life Enrichment

Senior Sing A-long was founded to share the benefits of music with the aging. Since its launch in 2004, Senior Sing A-long has been dedicated to enriching the lives of seniors and revitalizing the minds and spirits of people in long-term care communities using music and other live arts.

In addition to life enrichment programming, Senior Sing A-long also offers music therapy and individualized dementia services through “Tuned In.”

Why Music as Life Enrichment?

Music has the power to unite, move, reveal, inspire and heal. It can reach people when nothing else can. Research now shows that music and live performances can improve quality of life as well as mood, cognition, and longevity for our seniors.

Senior Sing A-long founders, Ken and Hattie Van Haaften, discovered this personally when a singer had come to entertain Ken’s mother, and he said she saw more movement and more vitality in the residents and his mother than he had ever seen. The music had brought her back to life.

Kinds of Performances

Over the years, Senior Sing A-long has established a network of performing artists that partner with us to bring the experience and enjoyment of live performances to senior communities on a regular basis.We work with a variety of musicians and performance artists entertaining with different instruments, music genres and art forms. Some examples include:

• String Instruments
• Piano
• Singing Groups
• Individual Performers
• Dance Groups
• Magicians

How We Work

We help reduce cost, administrative effort, and staff time to bring enrichment activities to seniors! When a long-term care community participates with Senior Sing A-long, we act as the agent for performers—without adding any fees or up-charges—and in exchange performers offer reduced rates to perform at partnering care communities. Senior Sing A-long compensates performers at all care communities, including those who cannot afford to pay.

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Looking for music therapy or individual dementia services?

We can help with that too.

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