Music is a powerful trigger!

Tuned In is a program designed to tap into that power with the aim to revitalize the minds and memories of local seniors living with dementia.

What It Offers

Through Tuned In, seniors with dementia receive individual headphones and music players with personalized playlists, which help to promote wellness:

• Increased alertness
• Less anxiety/agitation
• More memory recall
• Improved mood
• Positive personal meaning & familiarity

Why Music for Dementia?

By providing seniors with regular access to familiar and well-loved music, Tuned In helps to connect them with enjoyable memories. This program can empower seniors to control a small part of their daily activity, stimulate greater life satisfaction for seniors and their caregivers, and enable seniors to embrace the best parts of life through music.

Under the supervision of our music therapist, Senior Sing A-long teams up with family members and caregivers to help us develop each playlist, so that the music has positive meaning to each individual.

Experience Tuned In

“They are getting back a little bit of their past that was lost; they are expressing emotions that it seems have been locked up inside of them.”
“I see them smile, whistle, laugh, put their hand to their heart and cry while singing along to their favorite songs.”
“I have witnessed residents who normally sleep most of the day and who can’t form a full sentence making eye contact with me and others around them, tapping their feet, singing full songs along with the music, and smiling.”

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