We encourage loved ones to visit residents during our performances. If you’re simply curious about our performances, please Contact Us and we’ll find an appropriate performance.

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Bob DeYoung

I played in many different types of bands since I was a teen. From
1980 to 1985 traveled around the US with a show band playing 6
nights a week, 50 weeks per year. Gigs included 3 months at the
Holiday Inn in St. Thomas and 6 months at the Holiday Inn in Branson,
MO. Opened at concerts for Rare Earth, Louise Mandrell, David
Frizzell & Shelly West, Dave & Sugar, The Human Beinz, and Ohio
1987 – started doing a solo act playing in restaurants, lounges, private
parties, weddings, etc. And I’ve been doing that ever since. Performed
at my first nursing home in the early ‘90s, and played there once a
Around 2012 I began playing at a few more retirement facilities, and
eventually quite a few more. I like to talk some while performing and
get some dialogue going with residents. I’ve found that many like
upbeat music. Uplifting songs are good!
One comment I get often is, “I know every song you sang”. Whether
they sing along or not, the songs bring back memories.

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