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Steve Fisk

I have been performing and teaching in the Grand Rapids area for many years now, beginning in 2012 with Senior Sing Along. Way back, in 1967, I began taking classical guitar lessons from Larry Malfroid, a pioneer in Michigan classical guitar playing. Every young person should be so blessed to have a mentor like him ! it was truly a life changing experience. I was able to repay him when I performed at a retirement retrospective when he ended his career teaching at Hope College. He also got a chance to see the long list of individuals who have taken lessons from me over the decades.

I have been giving private lessons on Guitar , Ukulele , and Banjo at Rainbow Music in Grand Rapids Michigan for 10 years now.  I like to bring my performing students to The Story Cafe, or coffee house type of events at  Christ Church,  giving them a chance to find their feet in front of a live audience. I am very involved with the worship music program at Christ Church.

I think of live performing as a relational and emotional adventure, best when it’s a sort of intimate conversation. It is truly a privilege to play for an audience and share that special time and space. I bring this to Senior Sing Along concerts  beginning with a bit of Classical Guitar then American Standards from the 20’s and on up , then old familiar gospel and pop tunes, always trying for a spark of participation, tailoring all this depending on who is in attendance.

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